Advanced Cloud Security is the best way to limit what data your users have access to in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You have control over fields and most controls on every single page in the system and you can apply dynamic filters to all tables throughout the system.

Feature Highlights

  • Field Control
    Specify if a field should be visible or not, or enabled or not.
  • Control Control
    Specify if a control (non-field) on a page should be visible or not.
  • Action Control
    Specify if an action (in the action bar) should be enabled or not.
  • Data Filter
    Apply a dynamic filter whenever a specific table is accessed.

The above controls can be bundled together in a Security Feature. Security Features can then be assigned to:

  • Users
  • User Groups
  • Permission Sets

When a user logs on to Business Central, ACS will cache all the setting that applies to that user from all three places.

Advanced Cloud Security supports 99%(*) of the standard application and other 3rd party extensions.

(*) A few pages in Business Central do not allow to be extended. This is typically technical configuration and setup pages and API pages.

More Information:

Installation and configuration

Create a Security Feature

Apply Security Features to Users