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Want to know why E Foqus is the choice for a Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Vancouver? Here is how our clients described partnering with us in a single word:

Trustworthy, Value, Partner, Done, Effective & (the) Best

We couldn’t be prouder of the partnerships we have formed with our clients and the outcomes we have yielded for their businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics MVPs and Experts in Vancouver

At E Foqus, we have the experience and confidence to guarantee our commitment to deliver significant business results in each Microsoft Dynamics project we take, whatever the size of the organization.

Another guarantee of working with E Foqus is your hassle-free, deep exhale experience partnering with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner that doesn’t just know the technology you need, but takes the time to understand your business to deliver practical applications and business solutions that meet your objectives.

There is much more to discover…read further.

Get to know why working with us is one of those things.

Why Choose E Foqus as Your Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

If you wonder why you should work with E Foqus, we suggest that you first identify what business outcome are you trying to achieve.

If the answer is that you have the ambition and willingness to transform your organization to get ahead of your competition, then you should absolutely get to know the Microsoft Dynamics MVPs and experts at E Foqus.

Achieving successful business transformation to enable sustainable growth is the main reason why Vancouver and British Columbia businesses choose to work with us.

From the first meeting, you’ll instantly realize that something different about working with a Microsoft Partner that genuinely cares about your business. By the way we work and partner with you, you will soon recognize the practicality, business sense and opportunities that our expertise and technological possibilities bring to your business confirm that sustainable success is our focused outcome.

But most important, you will realize that building steady business relationships – everyday life at E Foqus –  is our number 1 success factor, which is how we approach every project and every client

If these sound like all good reasons to work with us, get in touch, then fully exhale.

E Foqus Microsoft Dynamics Clients Say It Best

“They have a passion, a passion unmatched by competitors. The other competitors we evaluated had very canned responses. E Foqus spec’d exactly what we had, not the typical response. They really worked through our system to provide real, applicable solutions.”

— Brian Penner, IT Manager, Imprint Plus

Comprehensive Business Apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

One of the key differentiators from a technology standpoint, comes from our own E Foqus business applications, add-ons & integrations. 

These comprehensive business solutions have been developed to extend the breadth, life and functionality of your Dynamics 365 technology stack.

E Foqus Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central Bank of Canada Integration

Certify for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central Web Server

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Connector

Advanced Intercompany Functionality for Business Central

Advanced Cloud Security for Business Central

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