The Cloud Replicator:
The Secret Sauce to Meaningful Dynamics 365 Business Central Reports

Discover how the Cloud Replicator app can improve reporting in this on-demand webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar, presented by 8x Microsoft Business Applications MVP and EFOQUS Managing Partner, Erik Hougaard, and EFOQUS customer, Andrew Holland of Unified Alloys, to learn how the Cloud Replicator App improves reporting in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Cloud Replicator App On-Demand Webinar

Take Reporting in Dynamics 365 Business Central to the Next Level with the Cloud Replicator App

The Cloud Replicator app will not only enhance reporting capabilities in Dynamics 365 Business Central, it completely transforms the way you collect and  analyze data. Watch this informative on-demand webinar to see the Cloud Replicator app in action, and discover:

The key to enhanced Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting

The ideal way to report on any table in the Dynamics 365 Business Central database

Unlock data in business central

The best way to access backend data without querying multiple web services or adding endpoints

Unlock data in business central

The optimal way to produce reports across multiple Dynamics 365 Business Central entities

Unlock data in business central

The real-world scenarios for leveraging the
Cloud Replicator App for better reporting

Transform the way you do reporting in Dynamics 365 Business Central by watching our insightful on-demand webinar.

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