How to Seamlessly Connect  Dynamics 365 Business  Central & SharePoint

Discover how the SharePoint Connector App can save you time with this FREE on-demand webinar

The SharePoint Connector App seamlessly connects data in SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. See how you can save precious time with the app and learn how you no longer have to leave Business Central to navigate SharePoint.

SharePoint Connector App Q&A Webinar

Remove the manual, cumbersome steps of importing data from SharePoint into Dynamics 365 Business Central with the SharePoint Connector App

Watch this informative on-demand webinar to learn about the SharePoint Connector App and discover it’s numerous benefits, including:

upload business docs with sharepoint connector

Enhanced productivity

Generate Documents with Sharepoint Connector

Data consistency

Unlock data in business central

Unlocked data

Drag and Drop with Sharepoint Connector


Unlock data in business central

Reduced errors

Unlock data in business central

Automated document management

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