As I spent the weekend gardening with Bob Seger’s timeless rock echoing through my headphones, a line from “Against the Wind” resonated deeply with me: “Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.” This moment of musical nostalgia sparked a contemplation about our journey at EFOQUS over the past five years—specifically, what insights from the past I would prefer remained unknown, and how these Dynamics 365 lessons shape our future.

Facing the Challenges in Ecosystem

The imbalance of supply versus demand remains a critical challenge in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. We continue to see a heavy tilt towards a shortage of skilled developers and consultants. This scarcity sometimes leads to the necessity of choosing ERP partners not because they are the most liked but rather because they are the least disliked. It’s a tough pill to swallow, especially when some partners compromise on talent quality and overpromise, inevitably leading to unmet expectations and project hurdles.

Despite Microsoft’s excellence in product development, there’s a disconnect in partner management. As a boutique organization, EFOQUS may be cherished by our clients for our dedicated service and expertise, yet we often find ourselves navigating the industry “in spite of” rather than “because of” Microsoft. This situation highlights the need for diverse organizational structures within the ecosystem.

The Integration of Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM

Although strides have been made compared to a decade ago, Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM still feel like two separate entities, each developed by distinct teams. The integration is better, but not yet seamless, which can be a barrier when trying to deliver a unified platform solution to our clients.

Focus on Dynamics 365 Potential and Growth

However, it’s not just about the challenges. There’s tremendous potential and opportunity within the Dynamics 365 Business Central space that we are poised to capitalize on. With the volume of business we currently handle, it’s crucial to aim higher than ever. The recent launch of the BC Talent Program by Microsoft is a promising step towards addressing the talent shortage in a structured manner. At Directions in San Diego this April, I was inspired by a young industrial engineer who shared her journey of transitioning to work with Business Central—a testament to the fresh perspectives that are vital for our growth.

The Path Forward

We must not only strive to compete with platforms like SAP By Design, Sage, and NetSuite, but also ensure we do not hinder our own progress. The consulting landscape still shows areas where quality is lacking. It is imperative for us, as part of the Dynamics community, to foster a system that rewards excellence and fair pricing—a win-win for clients, partners, and Microsoft alike.

Reflecting on these Dynamics 365 lessons, it’s clear that the knowledge of past challenges and the continuous drive for improvement are both crucial. They not only help us navigate the present but also empower us to build a better future for EFOQUS and our clients.

Are you tired of settling for ERP partners who don’t meet your expectations? At EFOQUS, we understand the critical importance of quality and reliability. Don’t compromise—choose a partner dedicated to delivering excellence without overpromising. Learn more about our commitment and how we can help your business thrive.