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SharePoint Connector - Drag & Drop to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Drag and Drop to Dynamics 365 Business Central With SharePoint Connector

Do you use SharePoint alongside Dynamics 365 Business Central for storing data and documents? 

For many organizations, using these two Microsoft applications side by side provides many benefits. SharePoint is an excellent tool for organizations to store, organize and locate information quickly. It has a very strong security model to keep confidential data or customer information safe. Plus, it provides greater storage capacity than Dynamics 365 Business Central which can help you reduce your storage costs. 

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Advanced Account Schedules

Elevate Your Dynamics 365 Business Central Reports with the Advanced Account Schedules App

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive ERP tool that allows you to view valuable data and insights from across your organization, from finance to sales and beyond. Just like other ERP systems, tracking accounts are at the heart of Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, depending on the structure of your organization, you may find yourself with thousands of accounts in Dynamics 365 Business Central at your organization. In order to pull meaningful insights from all of the information available it’s essential to narrow the focus and collate the data into reports that clearly show you what you need, rather than sifting through pages and pages of information.

Thankfully, this is where Microsoft’s Account Schedules comes in.

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