Exhale Deeply and Achieve Effective Collaboration with Microsoft 365

Effortlessly improve communication and collaboration across your organization.

Take Your Digital Workplace to New Heights with EFOQUS and Microsoft 365.

microsoft 365 cloud

Streamline communication and enhance collaboration across your organization with Microsoft 365.

microsoft 365 cloud

EFOQUS delivers reliable and tailored solutions to transform your organization & support your growth.

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Leverage impactful applications and extensions to manage and enable your modern, digital workplace.

Drive Business Success with Microsoft and EFOQUS

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Microsoft Office 365

The all-powerful, comprehensive cloud-based suite of productivity applications that drives efficient teamwork and enhanced collaboration.

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Microsoft Teams

Your hub for teamwork and effective connectivity, Microsoft Teams is what you need to streamline and enable timely business communication.

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Microsoft SharePoint

So much more than a backend document management application, SharePoint is integral to keeping your organization well informed.

copilot for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Copilot

An AI-powered assistant that enhances productivity by automating tasks, providing intelligent insights, and facilitating efficient decision-making.

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Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva brings together the tools and applications your business needs for communication and feedback, analytics, goals, and learning.

microsoft 365 onedrive for business

OneDrive For Business

Storing your files in a single, secure repository that can be accessed anywhere and anytime provides unparalleled flexibility.

Microsoft 365 Services From EFOQUS


Ensure successful technology adoption, with EFOQUS’ strategic change management to encourage user uptake.


Benefit from powerful integration capabilities to best support your digital workplace and enable productivity.

Software Upgrade

If you’re looking to upgrade from Microsoft 365 on-premises to the cloud, the cloud experts at EFOQUS have got you covered.

Microsoft 365 Licensing

Leverage the expertise of our Microsoft 365 experts to discover the best licensing plan for your organization.

Training & Workshops

EFOQUS will guide you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your collaboration platform with tips and best practices.

EFOQUS Proactive Lifecycle Management Services

lifecycle management of microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 platform is constantly growing and evolving and the responsibility of keeping up with it can be intimidating. Take the load off your IT team and let EFOQUS manage the complete experience, right from adoption through to keeping the application up-to-date.

With years of experience, EFOQUS is equipped to enable your organization with Microsoft 365 so you can reap the benefits of enhanced collaboration and communication.

Get in touch today to see how EFOQUS can make your digital workplace solution hassle-free and provide you with that ‘deep exhale’ feeling.

EFOQUS Clients Thrive

“They have a passion unmatched by competitors. The other competitors we evaluated had very canned responses. EFOQUS spec’d exactly what we had, not the typical response. They really worked through our system to provide real, applicable solutions.”


Brian Penner

IT Manager, Imprint Plus

Microsoft 365 Experts at Your Fingertips

EFOQUS is a team of experienced and confident Microsoft Dynamics MVPs. We have extensive experience in creating a successful collaboration space that supports enhanced communication and supports your growing business.

We strive to provide a hassle-free, ‘deep exhale’ experience to customer by not only simply providing the technology you need, but by also taking the time to understand your unique business to deliver practical applications and business solutions that meet your specific objectives.

Our focus is exclusively on Microsoft technology, enabling you to get the most out of innovative solutions. As your digital workplace partner, we want to help you exhale deeply and enable you to achieve more.

See How You Can Exhale More Deeply By Working with EFOQUS

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