E Foqus Dynamics 365 Business Central Business Apps

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology suite was designed to provide your business with maximum flexibility and extensibility, all powered by a unique platform that allows seamless integration of complemental yet powerful business apps.

Fostered by these technological possibilities, E Foqus offers comprehensive business solutions that extend the breadth of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with its own E Foqus business applications, add-ons & integrations.

Beyond Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Our experienced Microsoft Dynamics MVP team enable you to ‘inhale’ a much easier for a more relieving ‘exhale’ through extending the life and functionality of your system. This is coherent with our focus of delivering the business outcome you desire, always keeping in mind that your life should be easier with what we deliver, so that your organization continues to grow and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

E Foqus Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central Bank of Canada Integration

The easiest way to automatically pull Bank of Canada Exchange Rates directly into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Simply enable the switch and everything will get configured, for each currency that you want to get. You’ll avoid dealing with XML feeds and trying to set up the correct mapping.

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Certify for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Import Certify expense reports directly into Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Eliminate manual entry and get seamless integration for posting expense reports. Simply let this integration app create posting-ready general journals directly from Certify expense reports in Business Central.

Reimbursable expenses are posted to the employee module so the standard suggest employee payments functionality can use utilized.

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Business Central Web Server

Web Server that creates websites fueled by Business Central data and business logic. Works on-premises and in the cloud, with any layout framework such as Bootstrap or MDL.

There are no middle layers, all data is real-time served directly from BC and it supports all field types. You can also trigger business logic and execute codeunits and reports.

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Microsoft 365 SharePoint Connector

Connect a Microsoft SharePoint Document Library directly with your ERP data and see the content of the associated SharePoint folder directly in Business Central.

The Connector enables to generate documents from templates in BC and automatically uploads them to the right folder on SharePoint. It’s the best way to organize your documents directly available in BC.

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Advanced Intercompany Functionality for Business Central

Extend your built-in Intercompany functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central with a suite of productivity enhancements.

Productivity enhancement features already available:

  • Cross-Company Account Schedules
  • Preserve posting description on IC journal transactions
  • Auto-show IC field on sales and purchase documents
  • Auto-accept inbox IC journal transactions
  • Auto-post incoming IC transactions

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Advanced Cloud Security for Business Central

The best way to limit what data your users have access to in Business Central.

You get control over fields and most controls on every page in the system. You can also apply dynamic filters to all tables throughout the system. Security controls can then be bundled together and assigned to Users, User Groups and Permission Sets.

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E Foqus Microsoft Dynamics 365 Clients Say It Best

“Our relationship with E Foqus has evolved over the years and years we have worked with them. I can say we find working with the team in Vancouver very easy and well managed.”

Client Testimonial - Mike Ward - Managing Director of South Africa, MUR Shipping - Dynamics 365 Business Central - Dynamics 365 integration

— Mike Ward, Managing Director of South Africa, MUR Shipping

Dynamics 365 Partner delivering Peace of Mind

At E Foqus, we have a burning desire and passion to do what is right, at all costs. Because we care about your business. Because we believe in building sustainable business relationships.

From the first meeting with us, you’ll instantly realize that something radically different.

We listen and seek to understand your business’ unique challenges. We propose real, applicable solutions tailored to your reality. And before we start implementing your technology project, we focus on your people and your business objectives to yield the outcomes you desire. Experience with our clients has shown that success comes naturally with these elements in place.

How often do you experience this from other technology companies?

You can call it Business Serenity! Get in touch for a deeper exhale.