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Discover the Powerful Capabilities of Power BI with EFOQUS

Get the insights and metrics you need from Power BI and turn your business data into business opportunities.

Unlock enterprise grade data analytics with Microsoft’s powerful and scalable reporting solutions.

Harness the power of real-time analytics and always stay prepared to spot risks and make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence with Microsoft and EFOQUS

microsoft power bi

Microsoft Power BI

The all-powerful, unified platform for all your reporting needs. With a cloud-based business intelligence service like Power BI, you have a companion in data discovery and data preparation. EFOQUS supports you with accurate and timely answers to your business challenges. Exhale deeply and watch your data management problems disappear.

microsoft power bi

Microsoft Fabric

Transform your business intelligence capabilities with Microsoft Fabric and EFOQUS. Harnessing the power of advanced analytics, AI, and seamless integration, Fabric empowers you to extract valuable insights from your data like never before. Elevate decision-making, drive innovation, and stay ahead of the competition. 

EFOQUS Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power BI Professional Services

power bi implementation

Power BI Implementation

Giving you all the guidance, best practices, and design tips for an engaging analytics dashboard so that you master business intelligence right from the start.

power bi integration

Power BI Integration

A team of data management experts help you gather information from disparate systems and organize them into consumable metrics for an enhanced reporting experience.

power bi licensing

Dynamics 365 Licensing

Enjoy the benefits of insightful business analytics with Power BI and with years of experience, we’ll help you get maximum returns on your Power BI subscription.

power bi training

Power BI Workshops/Training

We’ll help your team members become data heroes and equip them with the technical knowledge to interact with and make the most out of your data.

 Business Intelligence Lifecycle Management


power bi lifecycle management

Free up your valuable internal resources and utilize our managed business intelligence service to support your data analysis and decision-making.

Whether you’re looking for help with data integration, visualization, optimization, or warehousing, our managed service package delivers all of them.

Unlock powerful business insights and enhance reporting for your organization. Get in touch today to see how EFOQUS can make your business intelligence solution hassle-free.

EFOQUS Microsoft Dynamics 365 Clients Thrive

To stay competitive in this economy, companies have to sell more or cost less. EFOQUS and Dynamics 365 Business Central are helping us do both of those.”


Andrew Holland

IT Manager, Unified Alloys

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We strive to provide a hassle-free, ‘deep exhale’ experience to all of our customers by not only providing the technology you need, but by also taking the time to truly understand your unique business goals and challenges so that we can deliver practical applications and business solutions that meet your objectives.

Our focus is exclusively on Microsoft technology and our knowledgeable team will enable you to enjoy the benefits of having multiple data sources integrated within Power BI. We empower you with powerful business insights while helping you to ‘exhale deeply’ and achieve more.

See How You Can Exhale More Deeply By Working with EFOQUS

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Take the guesswork out of decision-making as it provides you with the knowledge you need to make intelligent business decisions based on real trends and insights gained from your data.