SharePoint Connector - Dynamics 365 Business Central

7 Reasons Why the SharePoint Connector App is the Time-Saving App You’re Missing in Dynamics 365 Business Central

We’re excited to announce the release of the SharePoint Connector 2.0! The App developer, Erik Hougaard, 8X Microsoft Business Applications MVP and EFOQUS Managing Partner, has been busy toiling away to enhance the functionality of EFOQUS’ most popular Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central App on AppSource. 

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The Dynamics 365 Landscape has Changed Since COVID-19, Here’s How

Microsoft Dynamics Partner Vancouver

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COVID-19 has changed the world. We could never have imagined this reality as we rang in a new decade at the beginning of this year. The global pandemic has changed the balance and perception of work from a predominately in-office activity to an at-home endeavour, or a blended mix of both.

The sheer scale of the transformation for previously full-time ‘in-office’ workers is an enormous topic and study on its own, and not something I’ll be diving into today. However, it’s important to acknowledge that “the days of everyone working in the office” is almost a distant memory, as that train has truly left the station.

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