SharePoint Connector - Drag & Drop to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Drag and Drop to Dynamics 365 Business Central With SharePoint Connector

Do you use SharePoint alongside Dynamics 365 Business Central for storing data and documents? 

For many organizations, using these two Microsoft applications side by side provides many benefits. SharePoint is an excellent tool for organizations to store, organize and locate information quickly. It has a very strong security model to keep confidential data or customer information safe. Plus, it provides greater storage capacity than Dynamics 365 Business Central which can help you reduce your storage costs. 

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User Permissions in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Sheriff Is In Town: How to Enforce User Permissions in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Establishing and enforcing user permissions in Dynamics 365 Business Central is key to avoiding loss due to employee theft and/or fraud. E Foqus has been working with New View Strategies to address this growing concern. Here we walk you through why you may be at risk and explain how to mitigate those risks in Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

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Bad Pages updated for ACS

Microsoft has added new pages to Business Central that cannot be controlled with Advanced Cloud Security.

This is the new list of “bad pages”:

4023,4700,4500,4503,4504,4509,4511,4512,888,889,890,988,989,990,991,1366,1367,1369,9847,9848,9888,9890,9891,9892,9893,9894,9895,9896,356,683,896,1459,1613,1754,1800,5555,5557,7200,7201,7202,7207,8637,9169,9190,9511,9551,9620, 9621, 9622, 9630, 9631, 9632, 9634,9813, 9814, 9992, 20043, 20044, 20045, 20046, 20047, 130407

Put the list in the Bad pages field in Advanced Cloud Security Setup