Start by selecting Advanced Cloud Security from AppSource and install it onto your environment.

The setup procedure requires you to have the SUPER permission set for all companies:

SUPER for all companies

Next, change your plan to the Administration of users, user groups and permissions role center to access the setup of ACS.

Now you have access to setup ACS:

Click Setup to start the configuration of ACS.

The first time you access setup, you’ll be redirected to the App registration.

The E Foqus App Registration Dialog

Click on Click here to register and to sign up for ACS and complete the process at Completing this process will give you a registration code that you can enter into the dialogue to register the app.

Now you can see the setup page:

The secret sauce in ACS is that it creates a new extension to your Business Central. The new extension is the connection between ACS and all the pages and data.

There are two ways to generate the Extension Complete or Optimized.

Complete will generate an extension that covers every single field and action on every page.

Optimized will generate an extension that only covers the pages where you have a security setup defined.

So, if your purpose of using ACS is limited to a set of specific areas, then Optimized is the right method for you, but if you have security set up throughout the system choose Complete. You can switch between the methods without any issues.

The important part to understand, is that if you install NEW extensions, from AppSource or by your local developer, the extension has to be re-generated to cover the functionality in the new app.

The Object Range is where the new extension will be installed. ACS will search automatically to find an appropriate free range in the 50.000-99.999 range. You can control this yourself. The important part is the ACS will generate 1000s of pageextensions if you have 1000s of pages.

Bad Pages are pages that do not allow to be extended. This is typically technical setup pages. The list provided is pages in standard Business Central that cannot be extended. Right now, there’s no way for ACS to figure out if a page can be extended or not. So if you install an App that has a page that breaks the extension, add the page number to this list.

This is the list for BC versions 15 and 16. We’ll keep this list updated when we discover new “bad pages”: 356,683,896,1754,1800,5555,5557,7200,7201,7202,7207,9169,9190,9511,9551,9620, 9621, 9622, 9630, 9631, 9632, 9634,9813, 9814, 9992, 20043, 20044, 20045, 20046, 20047, 130407

Problem Fields are fields where visibility and editable that are controlled by other app and ACS cannot override that behavoiur. You’ll have to generate the extension first to see the problem fields.

In this case, we can see that visibility on No. on the customer card is controlled by something else (p21NoFieldVisible is an internal programming reference).

Generate the Extension

Click Create Extension to generate the extension, depending on the creation method and amount of security set up, this might take a while:

Generating the extension

When you have generated the extension, it should be installed in Extension Management and be ready to go:

It’s called the ACS Integration Wrapper

The extension is also downloaded as an app file, so if you’re generating the app in a sandbox environment, it can be installed on production by uploading it in Extension Management.

If you’re testing this on a docker container the PowerShell script to install the extension is:

Publish-BCContainerApp -containerName BCcontainer -appFile 'c:\users\erik\downloads\ACS Integration Wrapper_E Foqus Canada' -install -sync -skipVerification -scope Tenant