In our previous blog, we discussed some of the major updates coming with Business Central 2023 release wave 2 for Power Platform, applications, Copilot, development, and governance. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the noteworthy updates relevant to legislation, onboarding, Microsoft 365 productivity, reporting, service, and user experience.


Business Central 2023 release wave 2 delivers legislative capabilities that include:

  • Digital vouchers
    You can choose to set up digital vouchers and make them mandatory, or use this feature voluntarily, to prevent documents, journals, or other types of postings if an attachment does not exist.
  • E-documents core as a global solution
    The new E-documents module in Business Central enables different models of electronic invoicing required by different countries.
  • Large companies to report payment times
    In some countries, large companies have to report what payment times they have from companies that are smaller, including average agreed payment period, average actual payment term, and proportion of invoices paid after the end of the agreed period, and this feature makes it easier for companies to report on this.


Updates coming with Business Central release wave 2 that are designed to help Partners improve their customers’ onboarding experience include:

  • Modify texts on the welcome banner
    A simple but welcome update, Partners can now give new users a warm welcome by showing them personalized greetings in the welcome banner.
  • Set initial role before first sign-in for a better first-run experience
    Partners can specify the role that is the best match for the user prior to sign-in to provide a better first-run experience.

Microsoft 365 Productivity

There are a few enhancements being made to the Business Central add-in for Excel, including:

  • Dimensions included on more pages when using Edit in Excel feature
  • Increased accuracy of filters transferred from Business Central to Excel
  • Improved reliability of data refresh through OData V4 technology

Reporting and Data Analysis

The improved reporting and dashboard system coming with Business Central release wave 2 includes the following features:

  • Analyze, group, and pivot data on queries using multiple tabs
    Data analysts can now analyze data from queries directly in the client without having to open the page in Excel or run a report.
  • Discover report and data analysis content easily
    By using navigational search or the new report explorer page, users can minimize the effort required to find queries, reports, and Power BI pages.

Service and Platform

There have been a few updates made to performance and stability, and you will see:

  • Data loads faster in the server
    This is a major update that involves optimizing the data model for table extensions and use of modern SQL datatypes for Booleans and blobs to improve data loading speed.
  • Faster application scenarios
    This feature includes optimizations for running country-specific reports, renumbering General Journal entries, assembly-to-order processes, and more. Optimizing the speed of select scenarios is going to make Business Central more swift and responsive.
  • Pages load faster in client
    Optimizing two essential areas of the Business Central client, opening a new tab and rendering the navigation bar on all pages, is going to make Business Central more swift as well.
  • Performance gain by reducing locks in the database
    Usage scenarios will benefit by changing the default locking behavior and minimizing the use of database locks when running business logic.

User Experiences

Last but not least, there are a few updates coming with Business Central release wave 2 designed to improve the user experience. Check out some of the new features users will be able to leverage:

  • Add existing table fields to optimize your pages
  • Get to data search from anywhere in Business Central
  • Customize field editability from UI
  • Scan barcodes with Business Central mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Search for pages and data in mobile app
  • Show related record details from lookup
  • Distinguish between browser tabs when multitasking
  • Share readable deep links to pages and records
  • Use actions to navigate or fix errors from inline validation dialog
  • Access worksheet pages from mobile phones
  • Manage user expectations with selection context-based actions

For a list of all the new features and updates coming with Business Central release wave 2, take a look at Microsoft’s resources.

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