We wanted to learn more about how members of our team feel about working at EFOQUS and what they like about the organization. We recently sat down with Gabe, Development Lead at EFOQUS, to learn more about his perspective working here. Below is the interview – read on to learn about a day in the life at EFOQUS as a core member of our Developer Team.

What is your role at EFOQUS?

I’m a development lead and I started working with EFOQUS right after graduating from the intensive one-year Software Systems Developer Program at BCIT.  I started off working on NAV and now I extensively work on Business Central.

What is it like working with the EFOQUS team?

It’s a company without a huge hierarchy of management and no micromanagement. You might not be your own boss, but pretty close to it. We’re given a level of autonomy to get things done on our own and I thrive on that. There’s not a lot of handholding, so people who are more inclined to figure things out on their own would do well in this independent environment.

Both of EFOQUS’ founders come from Denmark – do you notice a Danish influence?

I think there’s less of the formalities and fluff that come with North American corporate culture. It’s more direct and to the point, in a good way. It’s very matter of fact and we always know exactly what we need to do. Lars and Erik are so easy to work for and it’s a huge part of why I’m still here. They are definitely on our side.

What would you tell a potential employee who is considering working at EFOQUS?

Be ready to figure things out and be ready to be held accountable. We wear a lot of hats because we’re a small company. Even if your role is one thing, you might pitch in to help get other projects done even if they’re outside of the scope of your job description.

What brought you here and what keeps you here?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a nice technology to be working in. Because it’s so niche, I get to specialize in something nobody else is doing. As a developer, you’re solving complex logic problems everyday but for a lot of solutions, there’s a million developers doing it. With Business Central, I get to work on a technology that has really defined parameters, while still getting to do programming.

How did you find EFOQUS?

I had just graduated and was planning to take the summer off when one of my professors found this opportunity for me and got me an interview. Even though I worked on a different type of development, as a new graduate, you want to prove that you are able to do anything. During the interview, I assured them that I would be able to figure it out, and I guess I did because I’m still here.

Does the 50/50 male to female split seem unique or notable?

It’s definitely unique in the tech industry, but it is not intentional. Lars and Erik are focused on finding the best people for the job.


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