Are you attending Directions North America 2023, taking place April 16-19 in Orlando, Florida? Don’t miss EFOQUS co-founder and 9X Microsoft MVP, Erik Hougaard, who will be attending and presenting at the conference!

About Directions NA 2023

Directions North America, the highly anticipated conference for Dynamics partners, ISVs, service providers, and Microsoft professionals, presents a great opportunity for Partners to advance their business and stay at the forefront of the Dynamics 365 Platform.

Given the updates to Business Central and NAV this year, the Microsoft Dynamics Partner community is especially enthusiastic to discuss and exchange their insights with their peers. The event provides a space to connect, share, and learn about all things Microsoft. With over 1000 attendees, Directions NA offers:

  • An opportunity to foster community growth through sharing in-depth technical knowledge, visionary insights, and alignment with Microsoft’s strategic goals.
  • The ability for Dynamics Partners to enhance customer satisfaction and attract new clients by offering innovative products and services, ultimately boosting profitability.
  • Proactive information sharing on product advancements, leadership accomplishments, and success stories within the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.

Don’t Miss Erik Hougaard at Directions NA

As a long-time active member Microsoft Dynamics community, EFOQUS cofounder Erik Hougaard has extensive experience with the system. His dedication and engagement with the Dynamics community have earned him the Microsoft MVP award for 9 consecutive years, and have made him a sought-after speaker at community events and conferences.

Top Tips from a Microsoft Dynamics Expert

At this year’s Directions NA conference, Erik will showcase AL hacks that unlock capabilities in Business Central that go far beyond expectations. He’ll also demonstrate how these hacks work, illustrating their practical applications for your business requirements.

If you’re attending the conference, don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to learn from Erik’s expertise and take your Dynamics 365 skills to the next level. Mark your calendar, and make sure to attend his session on “Development with Developers” April 18th at 11:25 at Directions North America 2023.

If you want to learn more Dynamics 365 tips from Erik, be sure to check out his website, book, and his insightful YouTube channel too.

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