Call2Recycle, North America’s largest battery recycler, collected over 8.1 million pounds of consumer batteries for recycling in 2021 alone, and as battery usage increases, so too will the need for safe battery disposal. Due to its dramatic growth, Call2Recycle realized their existing ERP system was no longer able to handle the complexities and intricacies involved in supporting their unique business model and requirements, such as their unique stakeholders and regulations, unique types of users, and unique accounting and logistics processes. In addition to this, Call2Recycle needed up-to-date analytics that could be accessed with ease and an ERP system that could grow with the organization and stay updated without being costly or time-consuming.

After a chance meeting with Erik Hougaard, EFOQUS Co-Founder and Microsoft MVP, the Call2Recycle team decided to partner with EFOQUS to build a new ERP system for Call2Recycle. Using Erik’s previous experience in reverse logistics and supply chain services, the EFOQUS team was able to come up with an intricate custom solution for Call2Recycle, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the ERP base. EFOQUS customized the Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution to work precisely for Call2Recycle’s processes while still remaining agile.

Custom solution involving Dynamics 365 Business Central streamlines operations across business

Call2Recycle and EFOQUS Partnered to Customize a Solution with Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

The holistic solution was a true systems integration masterpiece, integrating Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, and apps developed by EFOQUS such as WSFN and the SharePoint Connector. With this custom solution, not only was Call2Recycle able to meet all their current needs with ease, but they were able to rest assured that their new ERP system would be able to handle their growing business without obstacles. Although the solution may sound complex, integrating these applications into a single solution streamlined the processes across the organization, making it simpler for anyone within the organization to work efficiently.

Power BI
EFOQUS utilized Power BI to improve Call2Recycle’s reporting capabilities, such as providing instant access to data and insights into new data.

Dynamics 365
EFOQUS used its system integration capabilities to seamlessly leverage Dynamics 365 Sales, Service, and more to allow the Call2Recycle team to operate in one unified system and streamline day-to-day operations across the organization, no matter the department.

WSFN Portals
EFOQUS used the WSFN app to provide a program of dedicated portals to different users, allowing external parties to access the information relevant to them.

SharePoint Connector
EFOQUS integrated Hougaard’s SharePoint Connector app into the solution to prevent data silos by allowing seamless data replication between Dynamics 365 Business Central and SharePoint.

Collaboration between departments is improved with the help of dynamics 365 business central integration

With their new integrated system, Call2Recycle was able to improve collaboration between departments as well as increase visibility and accessibility of data with their new Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM system. As data is now available to access in real-time, customer needs, new trends in revenue streams, and operational issues can be identified and dealt with right away, allowing Call2Recycle to make the right business decisions as soon as possible, which is crucial in a dramatically growing organization.

“Audits are less tedious, and many of the transactions that used to take hours of work to complete are now automated. We have already recommended EFOQUS to several companies. They are an essential partner for us, and we want to recognize them for their role in our success.”

— Leo Raudys, Chief Executive Officer, Call2Recycle

Using the Dynamics 365 Business Central automation, over 200 hours and $25,000 are saved annually for Call2Recycle as fees, licenses, hardware support, and manual invoicing processes that were required by the previous system have been eliminated. Since Call2Recycle’s operations are now streamlined and efficient, staff are free to focus on the expansion of their business rather than on day-to-day tracking and time-consuming data entry.


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With help from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 System Implementation Experts at EFOQUS, Call2Recycle was able to truly take advantage of their technology and eliminate many of the hassles they faced. By increasing the agility, capability, and scalability of essential systems, Call2Recycle is is now well-positioned to achieve its goals and continue its massive expansion well into the future. Want to learn more about how EFOQUS can work with your business to create a custom solution that helps you achieve your goals with ease? Get in touch with us today!