Lars Agger sat down with Mark Rhodes from New View Strategies for the series “Three Questions With…” for a quick chat about EFOQUS and the world around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

An Overview of the Conversation:

Who is EFOQUS?

What Kind of Experience have you had with Clients using Dynamics 365 Business Central to Enable Business Transformation?

  • A cannabis research and development center in BC is now using Dynamics 365 Business Central with Advanced Warehousing with handheld scanning functionality in the production facility after previously struggling to find an ERP solution to match its needs.
  • There has been a shift away from solution development towards solution configuration to stay close to the standard Dynamic 365 Business Central solution.
  • One lesson we can learn from new and emerging industries.

What Countries Have you Lived in?

  • Lars has lived in Canada (25 years), Belgium, Denmark & New Zealand.
  • Lars has worked in six out of seven continents, an experience that helps him to broaden his perspective and adapt and react to new ways of thinking.
  • ‘Take the opportunity to explore the world and try to do things a little differently.’