You may be aware that EFOQUS has made the development of ERP apps our main focus, but once an app is live in Microsoft AppSource, we don’t just forget about it. EFOQUS not only develops apps that extend and enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we also roll out regular updates and upgrades for those apps. After all, the Microsoft environment is constantly evolving, as is the way we use it, so it only makes sense that our apps evolve as well. Recently, we released the newest version of the SharePoint Connector app – SharePoint Connector 3.0, with an exciting new module that makes taming document chaos in SharePoint and Business Central a lot simpler.

The SharePoint Connector App

All of our apps are developed to solve real-life issues our clients are experiencing with Business Central. We initially created the SharePoint Connector app to address the issues that there is no connection between Business Central and SharePoint. This means that to manage all your documents you had to keep switching back and forth between the platforms, wasting time and often leading to errors. The SharePoint Connector app seamlessly connects your data in SharePoint and Business Central, saving you time and effort, and reducing the errors that come from doing this manually. With the app, users retain full control over how Business Central data is mapped over to SharePoint. The app allows you to generate reports with SharePoint data right from within Business Central, and you can even share that Business Central data with third parties.

Organizing the chaos of documents within Business Central and SharePoint may seem minor, but it has a dramatic impact. The SharePoint Connector is our most popular Business Central app because it fills a big gap for many of our clients. If you’ve already adopted SharePoint as your organization’s document management/collaboration platform, adding the SharePoint Connector app allows you to create a system to automatically maintain a sensible structure to manage those documents.

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SharePoint Connector 3.0: Incoming Documents Module

While all that goes a long way to tame document chaos, the SharePoint Connector’s newest module takes it to a whole new level by eliminating chaos as soon as the documents are received.

Businesses are constantly receiving documents of all different types, from a variety of different sources, and in a variety of different formats. All these documents need to live somewhere. While some of them may be archived correctly, a large proportion of them just keep sitting wherever they were received instead of being appropriately stored in a document management system, such as SharePoint.

When you run a business, you’re dealing with a constant influx of documents. These documents come from different sources, and come in different formats, but they all need to be archived. Some are archived correctly, but many just end up sitting where they were received, be it email or shared SharePoint folder, or anything else. Sorting through and properly archiving all these documents manually is a huge undertaking, but making sure your documents are correctly archived is crucial. That’s where the SharePoint Connector’s newest feature comes in.

With the Incoming Documents module, the SharePoint Connector app is able to automatically archive any documents you receive. Information on the incoming document is scanned for specific data patterns (like a phone number, order number, or email address). That data is auto-matched with data already in your system, and the documents are automatically imported into the correct folder.

For example, say you need to make sure that any document that comes in from a specific client gets archived into a SharePoint folder set up for documents related to that client. With the Incoming Documents module, SharePoint Connector can scan all incoming documents for the client’s email address and phone number, and automatically send all documents associated with either to that specific SharePoint folder.

This way when you (or a colleague) need to find a particular document pertaining to that client, you know it will be in the correct location, and you won’t have to scramble through your email to find it.

Watch Our Launch Event!

Want to learn more about the SharePoint Connector 3.0 and its newest features? Watch our on-demand virtual launch event with EFOQUS co-founder and app developer, and 9x Microsoft MVP Erik Hougaard! You’ll get a detailed look at the Incoming Documents module, including a live demo.

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