Today more than ever, organizations need agile and scalable solutions to stay competitive. That’s why Unified Alloys, a leading Canadian supplier of stainless steel and alloy piping products, knew it had to upgrade its outdated ERP system. The old system lacked the flexibility and interoperability they needed for Unified Alloys’ diverse operations. Seeking a comprehensive solution to enhance their operations, Unified Alloys decided on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, and after an initial migration disappointment with another provider, Unified Alloys partnered with EFOQUS to revamp their system.

EFOQUS stood out due to our deep understanding of the Business Central platform and the expertise of our senior staff. The direct and transparent communication between Unified Alloys and EFOQUS eliminated layers of intermediaries, ensuring effective problem-solving and enhanced collaboration.

Stabilizing the Business Central Solution

EFOQUS immediately prioritized stabilizing Unified Alloys’ Business Central platform. We employed a two-week sprint-based approach, working closely with the company’s managers to identify and resolve critical system defects. This collaborative effort enabled the team to establish a solid foundation for further enhancements.

Building a Long-Term Partnership

After working with EFOQUS to rescue the failed deployment, the IT team at Unified Alloys recognized their need for an ongoing relationship with a trusted and knowledgeable Business Central partner who could address their needs and challenges effectively. As the partnership evolved, Unified Alloys’ IT Team consulted with EFOQUS, receiving expert guidance and advice. This ongoing collaboration has allowed EFOQUS to gain an in-depth understanding of Unified Alloys’ unique challenges and continuously develop tailored solutions. The flexibility of Business Central, combined with EFOQUS’ expertise, opened endless possibilities for customization and innovation.

Driving Business Growth with a Customized Business Central Solution

EFOQUS leveraged the Business Central platform to address specific pain points and optimize various aspects of Unified Alloys’ operations:

  1. Better KPI Tracking: EFOQUS integrated Power BI with Business Central, empowering Unified Alloys to create informative dashboards for tracking and monitoring key performance indicators. With seven KPI dashboards tailored to each division and a management dashboard displaying overall performance, Unified Alloys gained valuable insights for informed decision-making.
  2. Improved Procurement Strategy: By integrating Power BI with Business Central, Unified Alloys gained granular visibility into their inventory metrics. This enabled them to transition from a calendar-based procurement system to a data-driven approach, ensuring optimal stock levels, minimizing waste, and maximizing profitability.
  3. Streamlined Invoicing: EFOQUS integrated the Continia app, leveraging OCR technology to automate invoice processing. Continia scans and matches invoices with purchase orders, facilitating seamless payment processing. This automation resulted in significant time savings, equivalent to four full-time employees’ work.
  4. Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: EFOQUS implemented Hougaard’s Cloud Replicator app, serving as the back end of Power BI. This integration enabled Unified Alloys to generate advanced reports while minimizing the impact on their production system. Cloud Replicator also consolidated data from all five companies, providing comprehensive insights and facilitating better decision-making.
  5. Robust Security Control: With Hougaard’s Advanced Cloud Security app, Unified Alloys gained more granular control over user access to sensitive information in Business Central.


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Setting Unified Alloys Up for the Future

With the re-implementation of their Business Central solution and the continuous integrations and enhancements carried out in conjunction with EFOQUS, Unified Alloys has witnessed remarkable improvements across every facet of their operations. Seamlessly transitioning Unified Alloys to a cloud-based ERP system while ensuring granular control over their valuable data means empowering Unified Alloys to leverage the advantages of modern technology without compromising data privacy and control. EFOQUS’ extensive experience with Business Central, coupled with our prowess as a system integrator and app developer, has enabled us to work alongside Unified Alloys to address all their challenges. Through our commitment to fostering strong relationships, EFOQUS has gained an in-depth understanding of Unified Alloys’ unique requirements, allowing us to recommend further system upgrades and improvements.

Exhale Deeply with EFOQUS

As a team with deep experience and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, EFOQUS is the ideal partner to help you find the right solution for your organization. We pride ourselves on working with you to understand your unique business challenges and needs, and delivering a solution that works for you, hassle-free, for that ‘deep exhale’ feeling. Get in touch to learn more.