The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a popular choice for many organizations as it serves as an impressive ERP solution, driving efficiency, reducing costs, and connecting processes across organizations to enable innovation. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation can fail if users are resistant to change. In fact, 55-75% of ERP projects either fail or don’t meet their intended objectives. There are a number of ways to potentially drive user adoption, but let’s focus on the big one – Dynamics 365 training.

Offer Dynamics 365 Training to Your Users

Business Central is highly robust and powerful, but it may not resonate with your users if they are used to working with a different system. Adjusting to a new system can be a hassle, and users might get frustrated if they are not easily able to complete their day-to-day tasks. To increase your chances of a successful Dynamics 365 implementation, you should offer comprehensive training to ensure your employees are able to properly engage with and adopt your new system.

By offering your employees the chance to attend training sessions or workshops, you can give your team the skills and knowledge required to encourage user adoption and get the most out of your Dynamics 365 investment.

Options for Training

Microsoft offers many training opportunities for Dynamics 365 to ensure your implementation is successful, including eLearning, videos, in-person courses, and certification preparation guides. Microsoft Learn is the eLearning platform that offers free online training resources with various learning paths and modules around Dynamics 365, with courses ranging from beginner level, like Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365, to more advanced, like Dynamics 365 Solution Architecture Best Practices.

Beyond Microsoft Learn’s online training opportunities, there are many other resources available to help your employees become familiar with Microsoft Dynamics. Many credible Microsoft Partners, like EFOQUS, offer comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics training workshops customized to the needs of your business and users. At EFOQUS, we ensure that our user-centric training approach meets your organization’s Dynamics 365 objectives and sets your team up on a path of long-term success.

Benefits of Training for Dynamics 365 Users

There are many benefits to providing training on Dynamics 365, including:

  • Increased user adoption
    By developing a training plan that suits your organization’s needs and providing comprehensive user training, you can ensure that users are able to seamlessly migrate to the new platform without major hurdles, avoiding frustrations.
  • Improvement in productivity
    By taking some time to properly train your users, you can ensure that users fully understand how to use the software and spend less time navigating or trying to figure out how it works, increasing productivity and efficiency as a result.
  • Reduction in support tickets
    By providing comprehensive training to your users upfront, they will become familiar with the Dynamics 365 platform, making it less likely that they will require support later, saving time for your IT department to focus on more important tasks.
  • Increased collaboration
    By providing training and helping users learn how to make the most of the Dynamics 365 platform, you will foster a positive work environment and increased collaboration between team members.
  • Improvement in skills
    By providing training to your users, you help them develop and grow their skills in Microsoft Dynamics 365, leading to more satisfied employees and a lower likelihood of turnover, as well as a lower need to hire external Dynamics 365 consultants.

Let EFOQUS Provide Tailored Training for Your Dynamics 365 End Users

There are numerous benefits that come with comprehensively training your employees in Dynamics 365. By providing support for your employees, you can drive user adoption and a higher likelihood of a successful Dynamics 365 ERP implementation.

Get in touch with EFOQUS today to learn how we can provide customized training to your end users through our Dynamics 365 workshops and consistent support before, during, and after implementation of the platform.