We all want to do work that is genuinely fulfilling, in an environment that allows us to thrive. At EFOQUS, we wanted to get our team’s input on what brought them here and how they feel about their role. We sat down with Brooklyn, a Functional Consultant at EFOQUS, to learn about her experience:

What is your role at EFOQUS?

I am a Functional Consultant at EFOQUS. I work on Business Central projects throughout the various phases of requirements gathering, designing and building the solution, training, testing, and assisting our clients with going live on the system. I also have a Project Management role on some projects. I have worked at EFOQUS for almost two years.

My educational background is a Diploma in Business Operations Management and a Bachelor of Business Administration that were both completed at BCIT. Since working at EFOQUS, I have also gained my Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant Associate Certification from Microsoft.

What is it like working with the EFOQUS team?

I really enjoy working with the EFOQUS team as it is very collaborative yet independent. Lars and Erik are the Managing Partners of EFOQUS, and they are both responsible for specific areas of the business. Lars focuses on commercial agreements and overall project success and Erik focuses on creating and maintaining applications and solution architecture. They are both open to our input and value our opinions.

Both of EFOQUS’ founders come from Denmark – do you notice a Danish influence?

Yes, Lars and Erik both work hard but value downtime to ensure everyone has a healthy work-life balance. They encourage us to take vacations regularly to ensure we are at our best when working.

What would you tell a potential employee who is considering working at EFOQUS?

I would certainly recommend working at EFOQUS. It requires independence and self-motivation but there is also teamwork throughout all projects. EFOQUS values collaboration and keeps all of us connected but holding a daily meeting each morning for everyone to share what they are working on for the day. It gives us the opportunity to ask for help or for the opinions of others each day and to understand what is going on in the company.

What brought you here and what keeps you here?

I find it rewarding to be able to create solutions that companies use day-to-day. We get to help employees at different companies make their jobs simpler and reduce some of the hassles they face in their day. We get to work on customizing solutions for impactful sectors, such as the recycling industry, and it helps keep me here knowing that we’re making a global impact.

How did you find EFOQUS?

I found EFOQUS through a mutual connection to Lars. I shared my BCIT education and my interest in a career in consulting with him and we stayed in touch until I was hired shortly after.

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