Advanced Account Schedules

Transform Your Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting Today.

See how the Advanced Account Schedules App enables you to report on data from anywhere in Dynamics 365 Business Central and facilitates the creation of meaningful reports.

know the limits of dynamics 365 business central account schedules

Users often feel limited by the out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 Business Central account schedules module. Advanced Financial Reporting from EFOQUS is here to help!

get more from data with advanced account schedules

Advanced Financial Reporting supercharges your Dynamics 365 Business Central reporting, so you can get more from your data and make smarter business decisions.

meaningful reports with account schedules

Report on data from anywhere in Dynamics 365 Business Central, even outside the G/L, and create meaningful reports without having to juggle multiple data sources.

Advanced Financial Reporting Features:

dynamics 365 reporting with advanced account schedules

Report on Data From Outside the G/L

Advanced Account Schedules allows you to report on data from anywhere in Dynamics 365 Business Central, even outside of the G/L.

advanced account schedules data extraction

Extract From Multiple Data Sources

Easily extract any data from Dynamics 365 Business Central to create meaningful reports, without needing to manually export data from multiple sources.

accessing draft data in microsoft dynamics 365

Access Draft Data

Advanced Account Schedules allows you to extract draft data from Dynamics 365 Business Central, so you can include quotes and orders in your reporting with ease.
integrate easily with account schedules modules

Seamless Integration

Advanced Account Schedules integrates seamlessly with your existing Dynamics 365 Business Central Account Schedules module and augments it.

How Does Advanced Financial Reporting
Benefit Your Organization?

access data from anywhere

Access Data from Anywhere in Dynamics 365 Business Central

With Advanced Financial Reporting, you can access data from anywhere in Dynamics 365 Business Central even outside the G/L.

microsoft dynamics 365 reporting

Generate Meaningful Reports from Your Data

Be empowered to easily create insightful reports in Excel or Power BI without needing to extract data from multiple sources.

report on draft data in dynamics 365 business central

Report on Draft Data with Ease

Gain access to your draft data so you can easily use information such as quotes, orders and data from journals in your Dynamics 365 Business Central reporting.

enhance existing functionality

Enhance Existing Dynamics 365 Business Central Functionality

The App seamlessly integrates with the existing Dynamics 365 Business Central Financial Reporting module to provide additional functionality.

adding calculations to reports

Add Calculations to Your Data

The Advanced Financial Reporting App enables you to calculate sums or choose single values and count records in a dataset with ease.

account schedules webinar
account schedules webinar
Ride Designs Saves Hours on File Management and Task Duplication with the SharePoint Connector

Experience the Enhanced Reporting Capabilities of Advanced Financial Reporting

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how the Advanced Financial Reporting App (formerly Advanced Account Schedules) can help you overcome the OOTB limitations of the Financial Reporting module and give you that ‘deep exhale’ feeling.

Advanced Financial Reporting Pricing


Subscribe to the Advanced Financial Reporting App for $1000 (USD) annually per production environment.

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Check out our Advanced Financial Reporting Resources:

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Get in touch today to learn more and discuss what Advanced Account Schedules can do for your organization!

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Seamlessly connect SharePoint and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Advanced Financial Reporting App

Replicate data from Dynamics 365 Business Central to enhance reporting.

Advanced Financial Reporting App

Create reliable one-click reports without juggling multiple data sources. 

advanced cloud security app for dynamics 365 business central

Control who has access to what data in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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