Don’t wait until your CRM/ERP system is in trouble – take action now to keep things running smoothly.

Is your ERP/CRM System in Need of a Health Check?

When was the last time you gave your ERP and/or CRM system a health check? Just because everything seems to be working alright now, does that mean you should leave well enough alone and just hope it will continue to function? We’d argue that taking proactive steps for the benefit of your ERP/CRM system makes a lot more sense.

Think of it this way. We all know that going to the doctor for the yearly check-up is the sensible and absolute right thing to do. There might indications that you even need that visit, but why wait until something is critically wrong. Or – worst case – until it’s too late?

Keep Your ERP System/CRM System in Good Health

Although the consequences may not be as dire, the same logic applies when we’re talking about the engine room of your digital infrastructure: your ERP system and CRM system and their integrations to the other systems critical to your business. Why rely on the misconception that just because your ERP/CRM system was working fine twelve or twenty-four months ago, it will necessarily continue to do so forever?  

If this past year has taught us anything, it is that things can (and will) change with little to no warning. Regardless, if change is driven by technological advances, societal issues, or even a global pandemic, it’s rarely possible to predict exactly how things will pan out. The benefit of an ERP system/CRM system health check is that you will be 100% that things are exactly as you expect – at least in one area!

5 Signs Your Organization Needs a Dynamics 365 ERP Health Check

Are you unsure if your organization needs an ERP Health Check?  Watch our on-demand webinar to find out!

What Exactly Does an ERP/CRM System Health Check Entail?

So now that we’ve explained the benefits of an ERP system/CRM system health check, what exactly does one entail? What is it we at EFOQUS do with our ERP system /CRM system health check, and how do we initiate actions that will lead to much better performance? We start by taking a very holistic approach and looking at the following factors:

  • The human factor: are people trained and supported enough to operate the ERP/CRM systems effectively?
  • Does the system produce the needed data in an easily consumable and usable way? Is it up to date and relevant, or are there deficiencies that lead to a large number of isolated spreadsheets all over the place? 
  • Are you falling behind on the newest releases due to unnecessarily complicated and intrusive customizations making it prohibitively expensive to upgrade?
  • Is your data quality so low that you don’t trust the numbers, and look elsewhere?

Our ERP system/CRM system health check is an intense and comprehensive exercise. We start with a pre-determined set of questions and checkpoints and look at them from three perspectives: technical, functional, and human, to get the most comprehensive results. The most important output is classification of the issues we find in the ERP/CRM system, including issue severity, complexity, and priority. Once the issues are classified, we can immediately begin to address them. The meeting in which we report on the key findings from the ERP/CRM system health check is also the meeting where the execution starts. 

Amazingly, when we deliver ERP system/CRM system results to clients, we hear the same statements time and time again:

“We knew that, but it is nice to have it confirmed from the outside that we have the right priorities.”

“This is news to us, and hugely valuable information as we had not spotted that ourselves.”

It is important to note that we don’t just walk in with the answers before we ask the question(s). As the client, you will be an important part of the CRM/ERP system health check, and your specific needs will inform the process and the results. The written report we provide becomes your short-term playbook, allowing you to achieve tangible results in a very short timeframe. 

Develop Healthy ERP System/CRM System Practices

Just as your own physical health check-up can reveal issues caused by your own bad habits – not enough exercise, too much drinking, an unhealthy diet – the same is true of your ERP/CRM system health check. It can shine a light on your ERP/CRM systems’ bad habits.

Operating a CRM/ERP system is not a static exercise. As tempting as it is to implement it, turn it on, and forget about it, that will leave you nowhere. The best way to avoid the raised eyebrows from the doctor is to look after yourself. And usually, that means you need to maintain your health and prevent future issues rather than repairing after the fact. Another benefit of the EFOQUS ERP system/CRM system health check is that it gives you the opportunity to confront your CRM/ERP system’s bad habits, and replace them with healthy ones.

Make Sure Your ERP/CRM System is Healthy Today

There’s no better time than right now to get started on a healthy path. At EFOQUS, we perform  ERP/CRM system health checks to organizations throughout the world – we just did one in Dubai and another one in Northern B.C. Canada! The CRM/ERP system Health Check provides a very detailed investigation where not only are any issues uncovered but the root cause of those issues is also discovered. This gives you a better chance to succeed and to get a bigger return on your Microsoft investment. Not to mention, the health check can be completed in just two weeks! Are you ready to truly understand where and how you can improve your CRM/ERP system? 

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