November is an exciting month for the team at EFOQUS! We’ve been making up for lost time during the pandemic and welcoming the return of in-person conferences. Now our Co-Founder and 9X Microsoft MVP, Erik Hougaard, is headed to the Directions EMEA conference in Hamburg, Germany.

Are You Ready for Directions EMEA this year?

Directions EMEA

What better way to get hands-on experience, learn the latest updates directly from Microsoft and the stars of the Dynamics 365 Partner community, and connect with other Partners than by joining the most anticipated Microsoft event of the year? Directions EMEA is the must-attend conference for European Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners and Partners who are operating in the European Market. Directions EMEA will be in beautiful Hamburg, Germany from November 9 to 11, 2022, marking the fifteenth year of the event.

With many new updates to Business Central this year, the Microsoft Dynamics Partner community is more than eager to learn, and to share their new knowledge with others. Directions EMEA brings you the opportunity to discover the most efficient use of the new development environment, the cloud infrastructure, and the Power Platform. If you are looking for a space to connect, share, and learn about all things Microsoft, don’t miss Directions EMEA. This event provides a great opportunity for Partners to:

  • Build an agile Dynamics 365 Partner community for continuous business growth support
  • Showcase Dynamics 365 solutions and demonstrate your readiness as an ISV
  • Support like-minded Partners in developing Business Central readiness
  • Ensure streamlined updates from Microsoft Partner communities
  • Access first-hand updates and knowledge from Microsoft R&D, Sales & Marketing and leadership teams about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Sales & Marketing Roadmap
  • And last but not least, network with like-minded peers!

Don’t Miss Erik Hougaard at Directions EMEA

Erik Hougaard is an active member of the Microsoft Dynamics community, and has been for more than three decades. A developer since he was a kid, Erik has worked with Dynamics extensively, and knows the system to its tiniest details. Besides being our co-founder, managing partner, and mentor, Erik is also a sought-after speaker at community events and conferences.

AL Hacks from a Microsoft Dynamics Expert

In Erik’s Directions EMEA session, he will demonstrate AL hacks that let you do things you (and Microsoft) never thought possible. Erik will also give a demonstration of how these hacks actually work to show you can apply them for your business needs.

Check out Erik’s session from 09:00 AM to 09:45 AM on November 11th, 2022 in Hall X1!

If you want to learn more Dynamics 365 tips from Erik, be sure to check out his website, blogs, and his insightful YouTube channel too.

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